Summary: I’m moving websites, so click here for the new one. From now on, I will only post on that one, and after some time I will delete this whole page.

Happy 3-Year Anniversary to Bee and Reed! I’d like to take this moment, before I say anything else, to thank all those who have been tagging along with me on this journey. Whether you’ve been here for all three years, or just three days, it means the world to me that you are supporting my passions and development as a human being. This blog has been really special to me, and also very formative. I could sit here and list all the benefits and joys this blog has brought me, but I won’t bore you with that. Basically, I’m just grateful for those who care enough to read my ramblings, musings, and attempts at turning clothing into art. So, thank you!

After 3 years, it’s time for me to upgrade. Up until now I’d been using the basic wordpress.com plan, which is what you all have been seeing. Since this began merely as a small, secret hobby, I figured I didn’t need many frills for, essentially, journaling. I’m also tech-inept so WordPress’ basic plan was perfect. It was very simple and writing and fashion-oriented.

I kept it hidden from all of my friends for about 6 months, I believe. There wasn’t any good reason for this, other than just that I wanted my blog to be influence-free. By that I mean that I only post what I want to, and not what I feel will appeal to the masses or what will get the most likes by my friends. My blog was, I recall, actually discovered by one of my guy friends, who then shared it around. I am glad that my friends can be a part of this little hobby/passion of mine, but some of the things I wanted to avoid have actually happened. For example, I can’t deny that at least some of my Instagram content has been streamlined for my familiar audience.

So why am I upgrading? Many reasons. Firstly, this has become a rather serious/consistent hobby. I didn’t have any prediction for how long my blog would last. But it’s been three years. Now, that’s a long time. Nothing has really changed since then. This hasn’t become some big thing. BUT, this anniversary proves that writing and fashion/food/travel are some of the many things that I’m genuinely very passionate about. Therefore, the logical next move is to dedicate more energy to it by making the website more organized, professional, and personalized. The only way to do this was by upgrading: To have more freedom to customize.

Another reason is that I’ve grown tired of WordPress, despite its many advantages. SquareSpace fits my content better, with their very minimalist and clean themes. Additionally, they don’t have many tech frills. They are a closed-host, meaning they operate everything. They update everything as well, and I don’t have to code to get the results that I want. This is perfect for me, since I know very little about website building, whereas WordPress is extremely versatile for those who have a coding background.

The last reason is that this will be my attempt to find a niche. Over time, I liked that my blog was morphing into a sort of hodgepodge digital diary, but mostly because I didn’t have to put much work into organizing my content. But I’ve always yearned to have an actual niche (which was initially supposed to be fashion). Hopefully, by essentially starting over, I can ruminate and reflect a bit more on how to refine and redefine what my blog is about.

That was a lot of rambling, but I hope that explains clearly why I am moving websites and upgrading my plan. I am certain that you will be pleased with the new layout!

Thanks for reading and, most of all, for joining me! See you over on SquareSpace 🙂

Signing off,



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