OOTD: Summer 2017 {Part 1} + Oslo


Hei hei!

(That’s hi in Norwegian). As my Instagram will tell you, I was just in Norway. I realize I haven’t posted on here in almost exactly a month. I had finals and it was, like usual, the worst. Fortunately they were all papers, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I had a jolly time. It was actually my first time pulling an “all-nighter”. But I digress.

earrings: unknown
I went to Oslo for their Constitution Day (Syttende Mai). You may or may not know this, but I am very Norwegian. I grew up in a Norwegian household, eating Norwegian food, folk dancing… etc. So to have the opportunity to go back to Oslo to experience their Fourth of July was so unbelievably special to me, not to mention getting to wear a festdrakt for the occasion. Add to that my magnetic urge to return to Norway after having studied there last summer. I kid you not, I thought about Norway every single day. This is all so strange to me, because never before have I felt such a strong connection to and such a strong love for a place. I’ve lived in Boston for almost two years, and while I am completely obsessed with it, I still do not feel as strongly connected to it as I do to Norway. I have been trying to figure out why.

Me in my festdrakt, eating iskrem from my favorite parlor
Regardless, I will show you some photos, as well as my slightly-lame OOTD. In order to get the cheapest flight possible, I could only take a carry-on, and it had a weight limit. So packing was extremely difficult, considering I’m an extreme over-packer. I packed probably like 15 outfits for three days. Go figure.

While I was there, I shopped, met up with friends, went out, ate incredible food, and visited the Munch museum, which I hadn’t done last summer. It was honestly a bit underwhelming. But that’s a different story. My friend and I met two guys and one of them taught me a bunch of phrases in Norwegian, including how to order food and drinks, which I successfully used a few times. I live for this kinda stuff.





@ Det Grønne Kjøkken 

Apparently the best gulrotkake in Oslo

@ Kafe Løve

my defense after not having slept for three weeks
Travel outfit:

recognize the wall? Probs not but I’ve taken many an OOTD in this same spot haha

I love this area, it’s kind of behind Akershus fortress.

Sunnies: Westward Leaning

Jacket: Mod Ref

Top: Mango

Pants: Zara

Shoes: ASOS

Purse: Mango

A new post is following quickly behind this one, all about Minneapolis food, more updates, and another OOTD! Oh my! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading 🙂





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