OOTD: College Year 2 {Part 18}



Here’s another OOTD! I’d like to call this “The Half-Tuck”. I’m sure this has been done before but I always try to do it and then my mom tells me it looks confusing. Well mom, I think it’s perfectly lovely and practical so here’s my take on the half-tuck, the awesome balance between middle school dweeb and avant-garde french painter. (That was obviously an exaggeration on both ends but I hope that made sense…? To quote Yasmina Reza’s Art, “The older I get, the more offensive I hope to become”). Other than that I really don’t have much to say though I wish I would. Haven’t been into the city much yet, plus it’s been pretty chilly.

Yesterday, however, it was sunny and 50º which was PRIME for bright colors. Plus I’m pretty sure I had dreamt of wearing this shirt yesterday so when I woke up, I knew exactly where to turn. I would have liked to have worn it with a skirt or something but the weather just wasn’t right. But frayed jeans never fail?

I also have some more exciting things coming up soon so stay tuned for all of that!




Sunnies: Le Spec

Jacket: Theory

Blouse: Vince

Necklace: ASOS

Jeans: 3×1

Flats: Repetto

Let me know what you think. Also I’m looking for new song recommendations so if you have any, leave a comment or send them my way please 🙂



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